knitted dolls

If you love sewing and knitting an ak knitted doll kit will fire your imagination and bring together all your creative skills

Whether you’re interested in making one special doll, or a doll with her own wardrobe or a cuddly knitted Friend that doubles up as a wheat bag, we’ve designed the perfect kit. ak’s unique creative concepts kits use only pure 100% Merino ak Miro wool and with the exception of toy fill, all natural fibres and fabrics. Our patterns are clearly written with full, easy to understand instructions that will ensure your finished project turns out successfully and looks just like the image.

for more information contact us info@aktraditions.com

classic hand knitted
dolls ak’s classic hand knitted dolls are the best dressed dolls in town.

passionate knitter
Meet Mia, ak’s most passionate knitter … and her equally enthusiastic friends, Kate, Brenda, Julia and Bella.

Huggable Friends
Nobody can have too many Huggable Friends… especially when they double up as a comforting heat bag.